Our personal pets (and some guests) - happily sharing their lives with us at Judawn

This is our Golden Retriever Kiera

This is our Golden Retriever Winnie

Here are Kiera (l) &  Winnie (r) together

Here are Winnie (l) &  Kiera (r) together

Here is Winnie with her family

Isn't this a funny looking Yorkie litter?

Awwww - isn't he a doll?

This is Winnie's half brother Kelsey with Michael

Here's Winnie having a nap with TC

Here's Winnie giving T.C. a kiss!!  Awwww

Here is our Rag Doll cat T.C.

Can I have some privacy, please!!

Here is my niece Brianna with T.C. & holding Maizie

Lola & Shadow

Faith with friend, Maureen, catching a few zzzz's!!

Am I having a bad hair day or what!

In Loving Memory
Champion Jentre Jubilee (on the right & below)

Ch. Judawn Jodie Jubilee
(Jubilee's daughter)