Judawn's Champagne Bubbles

Am.Ch. Primo's Champagne Toast
Am.Ch. Elite Bad Bad Leroy Brown
Am/Can.Ch. Tyava's Billy Bad To The Bone
BISS Am/Can.Ch. Tyava's Doctor Detroit
Am.Ch. Tyava's Miss Chloe
Am.Ch. Elite Reach Out And Touch
Am.Ch. Mistangay Gilbey
Am.Ch. Yorkboro A Touch Too Much
Am.Ch. Elite Right Before My Eyes
Am.Ch. Tyava's Who's The Boss
BISS Am. Caraneal Charged And Ready
Am.Ch. Tyava's Frankly Scarlett
Am.Ch. Elite Reach Right Out
Am.Ch. Yorkboro He's A Wonder
Am.Ch. Elite Reach Out And Touch
BISS AM/Can.Ch. Judawn's Charity Review
(KN672520)(Blue & Tan)(Charity)
Am/Can.Ch. Pastoral Rave Review At Judawn
Am/Can.Ch. Pastoral Pardon My Dust
Am.Ch. Zerox Gold Dust Of Firacres
Am/Can.Ch. Pastoral Shocking Pink
Kazwick's Look What Blue In
Am/Can.Ch. Pastoral Buster Blue
Kazwick's Lit'l Birdie Told Me
Am/Can.Ch. Judawn Lil Bit A Faith
BISS Am/Can.Ch. Rothby's Randall By Pico
Am/Can.Ch. Rothby's Renee'gade
Rothby's Riff Raff
Can.Ch. Judawn's Blue Sassy
Am/Can.Ch. Pastoral Buster Blue
Can.Ch. Bloomsbury Judawn Toodleypip